KIKU® Fresh Apple Emotion

In people’s minds the best apples are red. And they taste like KIKU® – fresh, firm, tasty and sweet. hello

KIKU® apples are amazing: they look good and have a striped ruby-red colouring over a large amount of the outer surface, even when picked from the shady parts of the tree.

Advantages at all stages: growing, yield, storage and commercialisation.


KIKU® the apple

  • Super-tasty premium apple, easy storage variety
    The background colour is yellowish, the overcolour ruby-red striped; typically min. 50-60% colour for the variety.
  • good storability
    Its natural, crunchy freshness is kept for a long time. Even at room temperatures. KIKU® maintains its firmness, its inpomparable taste and nice cosmetic appearance. To enjoy at its best, a cool storage is recommended however.
  • superior taste
    Flesh is very juicy, sweet.
    Crunchy fresh.
  • Fruit firmness kg/cm²(penetrometerwert)
    min. average: 6,2kg/cm² at time of packing
  • high Brix° content
    Typically min. 14,7° Brix (sugar)
    However KIKU® has a very balanced sugar-acidity ratio.
  • Eating period
    year-round. With KIKU® growers producing in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, a year round delivery of apples can be arranged. This enures not only a continous supply to supermarkets and consumers, but also provides for apples from the latest and freshest harvest.
  • KIKU® occasionally develops a so-called “honey-core”.
    (or “water-core”) It is an indicator for ripe fruit and good sugar content, therefore recognized by many as a quality characteristic.
    During storage growers monitor its developement for this reason.

KIKU® the story

Luis Braun

In 1990 Luis Braun, the South Tyrolean apple expert, was traveling through Japan when he discovered a branch in an orchard. That branch was lead to the natural mutant called KIKU8. In South Tyrol apples from this branch also developed particularly attractive colouring.

Long years of tests were to follow, in collaboration with research institutes, combined with continuous reconstruction work on the mother trees, all selected with plainstaking care and precision. Today the result is consistent plantations, all producing consistently good apples. No wonder if consultants and research institutes have been recommending KIKU for years and fruit growers follow this recommendation all over the world.

Today the KIKU® trademark and logo is protected throughout the world. Its consequent use guarantees both product recognition and traceability. On the one hand through the KIKU® label, which the licensed tree nursery owner puts on every tree. On the other by attractive point of sales presentation. Recent years have confirmed that our strategy was the right one: demand for KIKU® always exceeds current production levels. Advertising for KIKU® targeting consumers is continually on the increase to keep pace with increasing production levels.

KIKU® Statements

  • HILFE. Süchtige KIKU-Esserin braucht dringend neuen Vertriebsmarkt, da bei Aldi Nord nicht mehr im Regal! Viele Grüße Meile K. aus Lehrte

    Meike K. aus Lehrte
  • Seit Jahren habe ich einen solch`saftigen u. knackigen Apfel nicht mehr gegessen. Es war ein großer Genus. Grüße, Rolf

    Rolf Esen
  • Ich liebe diesen Apfel…

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    vielen, vielen Dank für Ihren tollen KIKU-Apfel, den ich gestern das erste Mal im Leben gegessen habe.


    Nikolaus U.
  • Ich muß sagen, seit ich vor 2 Jahren”Kiku”entdeckt habe, bin ich regelrecht süchtig nach diesem köstlichen Apfel…

    Hallo, ich muß sagen, seit ich vor 2 Jahren”Kiku”entdeckt habe, bin ich regelrecht süchtig nach diesem köstlichen Apfel.


    Gabi H.
  • Ich bin eigentlich überhaupt kein Apfel-Esser…bis vor 2 Tagen…

    Hallo liebes KIKU-Team,

    ich bin eigentlich überhaupt kein Apfel-Esser…bis vor 2 Tagen, als ich in Karlsruhe auf der Offerta war. Dort gab es einen KIKU-Stand. Jetzt hab ich innerhalb von 3 Tagen 5 Äpfel gegessen!!!!!!!!!!

    Catherine B.
  • Ihre KIKU Äpfel sind einfach spitze!
    Ich geniesse sie jeden Tag und erinnere mich dabei an die wunderbare Landschaft um Salem in der sie wachsen!
    Herzliche Grüsse aus dem Ruhrgebiet von Ariane Koch

    Ariane Koch
  • Die besten Äpfel, die wir je gegessen haben…


    auf der KIKU-Facebook-Seite habe ich diese Email-Adresse entdeckt und hoffe, Sie können mir sagen, wo wir in
    80992 München und 80331 München KIKU-Äpfel kaufen können. (more…)

    Annette M.

KIKU® products


Welcome to the KIKU® product information
Good news for all KIKU® lovers: We have lots of different side-products consisting of KIKU® apples

  • KIKU® apple juice
    naturally cloudy in excellent KIKU® quality. Available in packages of 5 or 1 liters.
  • KIKU® chips
    The vitaminkick to go KIKU®
  • KIKU® juice