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The best tips for an active lifestyle Our top-tier athletes share their best tips for a long life.

Karoline Pichler

Alpine ski racer
A member of the Italian national team, the ski racer’s forte is the giant slalom, but she’s also a fierce competitor in super-G and downhill.

My tip for a healthy diet for a busy life

“I make sure to cover my macros at every meal: protein, fats, carbs. As an athlete, getting enough proteins in ...

Dani Jung

Endurance athlete
Dani Jung is Italy’s best trail runner—thanks to hours of sweat and unwavering commitment. His motto in life? “Hills for thrills!”

My tip for an energizing, healthy breakfast

“Breakfast is my most important meal of the day. I make breakfast a priority by carefully selecting the foods I ...

Angelika Rainer

The former (triple!) world champion in ice climbing now opens new routes of incredible difficulty all across the globe.

My tip for a balanced diet—locally sourced and seasonal

“For me, a balanced diet has always been fundamental. During my entire career as an athlete, I refused to take ...

Omar Visintin

The expert in snowboard cross has two Olympic medals and six World Cup wins to his name. In his private life, he is passionate about protecting the environment. In his private life, environmental protection is particularly close to his heart.

My tip for a sustainable diet beneficial for me and the planet

“Sustainability is key—that’s doubly true for what we eat! I try to live a considerate life, and I do what ...

Recipes for fitness and culinary enjoyment with KIKU apples

Dive into the world of healthy eating and discover how you can integrate KIKU apples into delicious family favourites.