Dani Jung

Endurance athlete
Dani Jung is Italy’s best trail runner—thanks to hours of sweat and unwavering commitment. His motto in life? “Hills for thrills!”

My tip for … an energizing, healthy breakfast

“Breakfast is my most important meal of the day. I make breakfast a priority by carefully selecting the foods I eat to make sure they fuel my body and provide me with the energy I need to kickstart my day. In the past, all I would have for breakfast was white bread, chocolate spread, and a cup of coffee, which only kept me full for about an hour. Now, my day starts with a bowl of muesli with rice milk, high-quality whole-grain bread, or a pancake with honey supplied by my father, who is a beekeeper. And I have a KIKU apple for breakfast every day. That’s for sure. The juicy apple slices give me the energy I need, and when combined with valuable proteins and carbs with a low glycemic index they keep me full for a long time even when training. This way, I can prevent those nasty blood sugar spikes that make you unnecessarily tired.”

What other tips for living a fit and healthy life do you have for us?

Eating healthy and exercising every day is crucial. If you don’t have a lot of time, don’t worry—even just a brief walk outside will energize your body and your soul. In the wintertime, I would also recommend regular trips to the sauna to boost your immune system, help to detox your body, and provide optimum relaxation after physical exercise.

What will we always find in your fridge?

Cheese! Cheese is my meat. I have been eating very little meat for years now, so it is especially important for me to always have some delicious cheese in my fridge.

How would you describe the taste of KIKU in one sentence?

Fresh, crispy, delicious, fully of natural yumminess: a KIKU apple a day keeps me strong along my way.

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Dani Jung

Dani Jung is Italy’s best trail runner—thanks to hours of sweat and unwavering commitment. His motto in life? “Hills for thrills!”

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