KIKU and you

Your healthy companion for an active lifestyle

What do we love the most about our KIKU? That it is more than an apple—way more.

More than just an apple


A quick run at sunrise, a video call later that morning. Giving your kids a ride to practice after school, whipping up a nutritious family dinner in no time once you get home, before flopping down on the couch for some well-deserved downtime binge-watching your favorite show.

An active lifestyle requires plenty of energy.

And the same is true for your kids! Of course, you want the foods they eat to be as healthy, low in sugar, and sustainable as possible. That makes KIKU a family favorite: sourced regionally and ecofriendly, crispy and sweet, an easy-to-grab snack for on the go. On top of all that: It is full of nutrients that keep you fit

Our KIKU at a glance



Beautifully red on the outside and full of sweetness on the inside, just the way kids love it. Flavorful, fresh, and always super crispy. A true Fuji—perfected by us to make it your favorite apple: a well-balanced snack that surpasses processed, unhealthy options.


The flesh of our KIKU boasts valuable vitamins and minerals with anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties that help bring down your insulin levels. The anthocyanins give the apple’s peel its red color and are healthy for our hearts. It is no surprise that it is a staple in our KIKU athletes’ bags


Did you know that apples have a particularly small ecological footprint? Apples need less space, water, and energy for cultivation than other foods. To help protect our environment every step of the way, we made sure to develop our KIKU in a way so as to require less pesticides and fertilizers.welt auch im Anbau.

Locally grown

Grown all over the world, our deliciously red KIKU ripens in an orchard near you to make its journey from the tree to your fruit bowl as short as possible.

Tried and tested

The origins of our KIKU? A Fuji tree in a secret apple orchard in Japan. Thirty years ago, we started growing and continuously improving our variety to make it as perfect as it is now.

Gruppe maskieren 31

My guarantee
“All KIKU trees go back to the branch my father cut off the Fuji tree he found in Japan and took home to South Tyrol to carefully cultivate this variety. It is the life’s work of our family. Until this very day, we have stayed true to our ideals: enable a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for everyone.”


How it all began:

the magical story behind our KIKU, from Japan via South Tyrol to Germany and the world. In the hands of our family.