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More than just an apple

Our KIKU—fresh and crispy, sweet and healthy.

An ideal choice for sports or at work, a staple for fine recipes, or a delicious treat on the go: a vitamin boost for you to live life to the fullest.

Our KIKU at a glance



A favorite among kids and gourmets


Healthy for you—and gentle on the environment


Our KIKU, perfected through 30 years of experience

We believe: This is how an apple should taste!

What makes our KIKU so unique? Its freshness and delicious taste: crunchy, sweet, and juicy—full of healthy nutrients in flesh and peel.

Culinary delights with KIKU

KIKU Apple Pancake


KIKU apple tart

Healthy eating made easy

Apple muesli as an energizing breakfast. A colorful summer salad that may well become your kids’ new favorite lunch. And a naturally sweetened dessert after dinner—spoons full of yumminess enjoyed comfortably on your couch.

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Stay fit with KIKU

Karoline Pichler

A member of the Italian national team, the ski racer’s forte is the giant slalom, but she’s also a fierce competitor in super-G and downhill.

Dani Jung

Dani Jung is Italy’s best trail runner—thanks to hours of sweat and unwavering commitment. His motto in life? “Hills for thrills!”

Angelika Rainer

The former (triple!) world champion in ice climbing now opens new routes of incredible difficulty all across the globe.

Omar Visintin

The expert in snowboard cross has two Olympic medals and six World Cup wins to his name. In his private life, he is passionate about protecting the environment. In his private life, environmental protection is particularly close to his heart.

Our world-class athletes show you how it’s done

What’s important for us at KIKU? A fit, active lifestyle. Because we want to enjoy life with our loved ones for as long as we can! Our KIKU athletes know exactly what is best for themselves when it comes to their health and well-being and are happy to share their top tips with us.

How it all began

Our story

A secret apple orchard in Japan. An ingenious apple expert from South Tyrol. A small family-owned business pursuing a big dream and innovative ideas. This is the story of our trusted KIKU—and it all began more than 30 years ago.

The KIKU Community