KIKU® & Angelika Rainer, 3rd time World Champ

Angelika Rainer, double world champ ice climbing, european champ and 2012 world cup winner, took the 3rd world champ title January 13th in Cheongsong, South Korea .

Angelika´s sponsor is the apple premium brand KIKU, but there is a second link to apples: Angelika is a degreed scientist working at Laimburg Research Station in the sector Organic Farming.
Angelika has already published as a co-author some scientific articles regarding the optimal cane density in raspberry plantations and the overhead irrigation used for scab control in apple cultivation.

In February Angelika will be at biggest global sports fair, the ISPO2013 in Munich. KIKU choose to support which initiates climbings for handicapped kids, and Angelika is happy to submit a nice cheque of collected funds to IWDR.

Follow Angelika on her Facebook site, or KIKU´s site  

Clip “Angi + KIKU”


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